Award Winning Log Cabins on the Namekagon River/Lake Hayward

Lake Hayward “ …

Is one of the more fun lakes in the Hayward area to fish. There’s plenty of panfish action for the kids, and enough of the other species to make things interesting for their parents.

The Lake is right off downtown Hayward, meaning the gift shops, restaurants, And Trembley’s fudge emporium are within easy reach if you tire of fishing. Of course, the opposite is true, too: access to the lake itself from downtown Hayward is great, with boat launch, municipal swimming beach, picnic area, and handicapped-accessible fishing pier being counted among the amenities …” Frank Pratt, DNR fisheries Manager in Sawyer County.


Hayward and the “Big Mill”

“Anthony Judson Hayward, 1835 – 1913, found this an ideal site for a water powered saw mill, and organized the North Wisconsin Lumber Company to harvest the vast pine stands of the upper Namekagon. Their “Big Mill” was built beside the dam, began sawing June 11,1883, and later made a record day’s cut of 339,313 ft. It remained the heart of this community for 40 years.” (Historical Marker across the street from The Riverside Motel/Mallards’ Landing, State Road 27 South).

A portion of this land is now home to The Riverside Motel and Mallards’ Landing, our award winning alpine log cabins. The cabins were built in the fall of 1999 by two German carpenters. They are made from Northern European fir, and were designed and custom cut in Germany. The furniture is country style, and the headboards are hand made from cut down pine trees, also the outside lamp posts

You will enjoy the unique setting and landscaping, also our “rustic rock collection”. The rocks were hauled in from appr. 70 miles away on deep loaders, the biggest rock weighing approximately 12,000 lbs. During the blooming season, you will enjoy a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, also small critters like chipmunks, squirrels, and a variety of birds. Bald eagles have their nest nearby. The cabins are appr. 25 feet apart on 2 ½ acres of wooded land to ensure your privacy, but still in walking distance to downtown.