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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the cabin have a cooking stove?

Our cabins are equipped with a microwave oven, under-the-counter refrigerator and four cup coffee maker, also a charcoal grill (outside). There is no cooking stove inside the cabin. The cabins are designed for light cooking. Please bring charcoal and grilling utensils if you wish to grill.

Does each cabin have a bathrooms?

Yes, each cabin has a custom built ceramic tile bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

Can we fish in Lake Hayward?

Lake Hayward is a good family fishing lake. We encourage our guests to catch and release. If a guest wants to keep the fish, the remains must be properly wrapped and disposed of. Please check with management if you intend to keep the fish.

Can we rent a fishing boat?

Yes – we offer a fishing boat for rent, and you can bring your own motor if you wish. The boat is rented on a first come, first serve basis. Payment is due when the boat is reserved, and there is no refund for cancellation. .

I’ve noticed that your log cabins are for sale. Can I purchase one and move it?

You can purchase an individual cabin but it cannot be moved to a different location. Our cabins are single condominium units and are sold with the land on which they are built, plus surrounding garden land. (See brochure available in our office). Mallards’ Landing is a Condominium Association. There are over 250ft. shoreline available to the condominium owners.

Can I bring my pet?

If you rent your cabin, you cannot bring your pet. If you own a cabin, you can bring your dog. You are expected to keep your dog on a leash, supervise it at all times and pick up droppings. Otherwise, please consider other people, guests or owners. Mallards’ Landing is a Condominium Association.ne pet is allowed in designated cabins. If you purchase a cabin and become the owner, you can bring your pet. All we ask is that you consider your neighbors. Your have to pick up after your pet, and supervise it at all times.

Can I smoke inside the cabin?

Absolutely not.

Is there a fire pit?

Yes, there is one shared fire pit if you want to make a camp fire, dependent on area weather conditions. The fire has to be supervised, meaning the person has to be present as long as the fire is burning. Camp fire and grills have to be put out by 10.30 PM.

What is supplied in the cabin?

Bed linens, soap, shampoo, TP, a starter set of paper plates, sturdy plastic silverware, mugs and glasses, a four cup coffee maker.
Bring your own towels, or rent them for a small fee. There is no daily housekeeping in the cabins.

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